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BCA with Cyber Security & Cyber Forensic

Computers are central to all aspects of our daily lives; as industries ranging from communications to banking have come to rely on them, the need for improved computer security has never been greater. This course focuses on two aspects of Cyber Security: analysis and assessment of risk plus how to minimize it, and, how to extract and use digital information from a wide range of systems and devices. The course is structured so that all students cover the same introductory material, but then choose to specialise in either Cyber Security or Digital Forensics.

# Name designation
1 Sreejith S Head of Department
2 Ayyapparaj T Assistant Professor
3 Syamamol KS Assistant Professor
4 Syamily KS Assistant Professor
5 Salu KS Assistant Professor
6 Nissu Simon Assistant Professor
7 Nefla Najeeb Assistant Professor
8 Maria Jose Assistant Professor