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Bachelor Of Computer Application

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is a common degree for CS/IT students at Indian Universities, and is an alternative to the Engineering counterpart, the B.E/ B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering /IT, which requires 4 years of study.  It is a technical degree that prepares students for a career in the field of computer applications and soft ware development, It is a professional course that prepares students for a bright career in Information and Technology. The study period of BCA includes various courses such as Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced), Networking, World-Wide-Web, Data Structure, Advanced C Language Programming, Database Management, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming using C++,  Programming using PHP, JAVA, Oracle, Operating Systems, Web Scripting and Development, Android development etc

Job Opportunities

BCA offers job opportunities in Information Technology, Software development, Networking, User interface design, and web application development.

Further Study
After acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree (BCA) , there is further educational opportunity to go for an MCA or other Master’s Programme like MSc(CS), MSc(IT), MBA, and specialized certificate course in software development or networking at any University/Institute. Also after completing the BCA
Programme, a student should be able to get entry level job in the field of Information Technology


1. English-I

2. Mathematics

3. Basic Statistics 

4. CA1CRT01 -Computer Fundamentals and Digital Principles

5. CA1CRT02-Methodology of Programming and C Language

6. CA1CRP01-Software Lab I (Core)


1. English-II 

2. Discrete Mathematics

3. CA2CRT03 -Data Base Management Systems

4. CA2CRT04-Computer Organization and Architecture

5. CA2CRT05-Object oriented programming using C++

6. CA2CRP02-Software Lab- II 


1. Advanced StatisticalMethods

2. CA3CRT06-Computer Graphics 

3. CA3CRT07-Microprocessor and PC Hardware

4. CA3CRT08-Operating Systems 

5. CA3CRT09-Data Structure using C++ 

6. CA3CRP03-Software Lab III


1. Operational Research

2. CA4CRT10-Design and Analysis of Algorithms

3.CA4CRT11- System Analysis &Software Engineering

4.  CA4CRT12-Linux Administration 

5. CA4CRT13-Web Programming usingPHP 

6. CA4CRP04-Software Lab IV


1. CA5CRT14-Computer Networks

2. CA5CRT15-IT and Environment

3. CA5CRT16-Java Programming using


4. CA5OPT-- Open Course

5. CA5CRP05 -Software Lab V

6. CA5CRP06-Software Development Lab I

(Mini Project in PHP)


1. CA6CRT17 -Cloud Computing

2. CA6CRT18 -Mobile Application  development- Android

3. CA6PET-- -Elective

4. CA6CRP07 –Software Lab VI & Seminar

5. CA6CRP08 -Software Development Lab II ( Main Project

6. CA6VVT01-Viva Voce

Open Course(OP): CA5OPT01 : Informatics and Cyber Ethics, CA5OPT02 : Computer Fundamentals, Internet
& MS Office.
Electives (PE): CA6PET01: Data Mining, CA6PET02: Digital Image Processing, CA6PET03: Soft Computing

1 SEMESTER 1 18750
2 SEMESTER 2 18750
3 SEMESTER 3 18750
4 SEMESTER 4 18750
5 SEMESTER 5 18750
6 SEMESTER 6 18750

A pass in Plus Two/equivalent examinations in Science stream with Mathematics / Computer Science / Informatics Practices as an optional. Subject

# Name designation
1 Sreejith S Head of Department
2 Ayyapparaj T Assistant Professor
3 Syamamol KS Assistant Professor
4 Syamily KS Assistant Professor
5 Salu KS Assistant Professor
6 Nissu Simon Assistant Professor
7 Nefla Najeeb Assistant Professor
8 Maria Jose Assistant Professor