The college established in 2015 ,offers undergraduate programmes and one post graduate programme ,for which states of the arts infrastructure facilities are provided across 3 blocks viz, Block A, Block B and Block C. The college has adequate classrooms ,labs, digital and other facilities for the effective teaching learning process. 23 classrooms are equipped with CCTV cameras. Classrooms are provided with white boards and adequate furniture ,One seminar hall and examination hall are equipped with CCTV cameras. Total of 67 computers,2 computer labs,1 server and 8 think client computers. There is a playground for football and volleyball. The other facilities are Separate office and space for examination cell, Microbiology lab, Biochemistry lab, Food processing lab, Sanitary facilities, Canteen facilities ,Media theater, Water purifier, Hostel facilities for girls and boys, Power generator, College bus facility is provided for both staff and students etc…

The college has successfully incorporated cutting -edge IT techniques with 50mbps and anticipating complete automation of college’s everyday operation.IT is integrated into the academic ,administrative , and admission process to make them simpler, more effective, and more transparent. All systems provided with internet connectivity. The broadband connections currently in use are BSNL. The internet connections to the system are connected to LAN via 2 DLINK Switch ,worth 8 and 16 ports. The lab has windows 10 pro and Linux operating system in use. The configuration of windows pro are Intel (R) core i5 ,i7 ,the CPU 2.90 GHz and 2.50 GHz. Processor along with 4 Gb DDR 4 RAM and 250GB SSD (Hard disk).The system used for windows and Linux.

The college has a well stacked library system that supports the reading and learning needs of students and faculty members. It is located in the main block with a total area of nearly 162.44 sqm. Our library has a seating capacity of 25 students. Library has nearly 2576 volumes in 2000 titles. A collection of reference books is maintained in the library .Leading magazines and newspapers are subscribed.