The prescribed uniform is compulsory for students on all days from Monday to Friday except Wednesday unless otherwise permitted by the principal. Students shall always keep dignity and decency in dressing even while they are exempted from wearing uniforms.

Students wearing uniform contrary to the rules will not be allowed to enter the class, office, lab or other places related to the college. Students who are unable to wear uniform due to health issues may wear appropriate college attire with the permission of the principal.

Students who have practical classes should follow the rules of the respective lab (lab coat, hair style, cleanliness) when they come to their lab to enter the class.

Students shall adhere to the following grooming standards on campus:

  1. Uniforms shall be clean, well maintained and ironed.
  2. Belts must be black and must sport a plain conservative style.
  3. Shirt/Top must be buttoned up fully and tucked-in shirt is compulsory.
  4. ID card is part of the uniform.
  5. Alteration of uniforms are not allowed. Pants must have proper inseam length. They must have the right circumference around your waist, seat, thigh, knee and ankle. They shouldn’t be too loose and baggy, nor skin tight. Pleats are not mandatory.