"Enhance your academic journey with our array of add-on courses complementing your degree program. Tailored to provide specialized knowledge and skill sets, these courses offer students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and distinguish themselves in their chosen field. Whether it's digital marketing, data analytics, or cross-cultural communication, our add-on courses are designed to empower students with practical expertise that aligns seamlessly with their degree, preparing them for success in today's dynamic job market."

"Discover an enriching academic experience by complementing your degree program with our diverse range of add-on courses. These supplementary offerings are meticulously crafted to provide students with specialized skills and knowledge that augment their primary field of study. Whether you're pursuing a degree in business, engineering, humanities, or any other discipline, our add-on courses cater to a wide spectrum of interests and career aspirations. From emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to essential soft skills such as leadership and project management, our courses are designed to equip students with the expertise demanded by today's competitive job market. By integrating these supplementary modules into your academic journey, you'll not only deepen your understanding of your chosen field but also gain a competitive edge in your career pursuits. Explore our selection of add-on courses and embark on a journey of continuous learning and personal growth alongside your degree program."

Aviation Course

Our aviation course offers an immersive exploration into the multifaceted world of aviation, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application to equip students with the skills needed for success in this dynamic industry. Throughout the program, students will engage in a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight operations, navigation, meteorology, air traffic control, aviation safety, and regulatory requirements. Led by industry-experienced instructors, classes incorporate interactive lectures, hands-on training sessions, advanced simulations, and case studies, providing students with a deep understanding of aviation principles and practices. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world settings through internships and industry placements with renowned aviation organizations, gaining invaluable experience and networking opportunities. Whether aspiring to pursue careers as commercial pilots, aerospace engineers, air traffic controllers, aviation managers, or safety inspectors, our aviation course empowers students to embark on fulfilling and rewarding careers in the aviation industry. Join us and take the first step towards soaring to new heights in your aviation journey!

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management involves the efficient planning, implementation, and control of the flow of goods, services, and information from point of origin to point of consumption. Our program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to streamline operations, optimize resources, and enhance customer satisfaction in a global marketplace. From inventory management to transportation, students gain practical insights into the intricacies of modern supply chains, preparing them for dynamic careers in an ever-evolving industry.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the backbone of modern business operations, encompassing the coordination and optimization of processes involved in sourcing, procurement, production, and distribution. In our program, students delve into topics such as inventory management, warehousing, transportation, procurement, and strategic decision-making.

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, students learn to analyze complex supply chain networks, identify inefficiencies, and implement innovative solutions to enhance performance and reduce costs. They also develop crucial skills in communication, collaboration, and leadership, essential for navigating the complexities of global supply chains.

Our faculty comprises industry experts and experienced academics who bring real-world insights into the classroom, ensuring that students are equipped with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in logistics and supply chain management. Graduates emerge ready to tackle the challenges of today's dynamic business environment, whether in roles such as logistics manager, supply chain analyst, procurement specialist, or operations manager.

Cyber security and Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking are crucial fields in today's digital landscape. Cybersecurity focuses on protecting systems, networks, and data from cyber threats, while Ethical Hacking involves authorized attempts to penetrate systems to identify vulnerabilities. These is a Add-on course integrated with UG courses typically cover topics such as network security, cryptography, penetration testing, and forensic analysis. They provide valuable skills for combating cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of digital systems.