Course overview

The BA Multimedia course is totally designed for multiple mediums to present an idea visually. In this course, students will become experts in presenting and combining text, graphics, audio, and video. In the education aspect, multimedia is increasingly popular. It is used as study material for pupils and ensures that they have a thorough comprehension of various disciplines.

This is a three year duration course with six semesters. This semester, students will achieve professional knowledge in multiple media files, like photography, videography, audio video editing, acting, 3D animation, filmmaking, drawing, and graphic design.


  • The objective of the BA Multimedia program is to give students the education and skills necessary to handle various media tools like multimedia applications, video and still cameras, internet applications, etc.
  • This is a three year program which focuses on the usage and principles of production and multimedia design for many clients.
  • The course include television and film studies, camera operations, shooting techniques, editing and studio operations, design for multimedia, multimedia authoring, Journalism, advertising, electronic journalism, new media development etc.


  • Candidates who have scored 45% or above in +2 or equivalent are eligible to apply. (40% marks for Reservation Category)
  • Candidates who have an aesthetic sense of drawing.


Mr.Arun Prasad V P

Mr.Arun Prasad V P

Assistant Professor 

# # Name Designation
Mr. Aby P Kurian
Mr. Aby P Kurian Asst. Professor
Ms. Della Sebastian
Ms. Della Sebastian Asst. Professor