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Food Technology

Food technology involves various aspects of science to develop and design innovative processing technologies, improve food quality and
nutritive value, enhance the safety, wholesomeness & availability of our food supply. It involves study of characteristics of food, its nutritional composition, reactions and changes that take place at various levels of processing and storage, microbiological aspect of food to prevent
spoilage and enhance shelf life. Food scientists study new ingredients with better nutrition and health benefits, develop new products or
technologies to improve the shelf life of the product. A food technologist is not only involved in the food processing, but also in designing of the
food plant and various equipment used in processing. He/she is also involved in the safety and regulatory aspects of the developed product, inspection andaccreditation of the food plant etc.

Jobs & Career in Food Technology

 Food industry is a growing industry that contributes to around 14% of manufacturing GDP and 13 % of India’s total food exports. There is a
high demand of trained food professional in both Government and Private sector. One can enter these areas after graduation or post-graduation in Food technology.

Some of the Job profiles include:
1 Food technologist: Production/Operation/ QA/QC
2 R&D : New Product & Process Development
3 Marketing & Sales, Business development & Marketing analysis 

4 Procurement & Supply chain management

Amrutha Mahesh

Amrutha Mahesh

# Name designation
1 Amrutha Mahesh Assistant Professor
2 Refeena. R Assistant Professor
3 Devika Jayakumar Assistant Professor
4 Arya Surendran Assistant Professor